Statistical Analysis
Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 04:14PM
D Wayne Berman

Based on the results of studies that Aeolus has conducted and published over the years, Aeolus emphasizes careful selection of the statistical tools used for data evaluation because misapplication of statistical tools is one of the major causes of costly decision errors.  Moreover, by properly linking the design of a supporting investigation to the manner in which data are to be evaluated in a risk assessment, Aeolus has shown that it is possible to control investigation costs while simultaneously limiting potentially costly decision errors.  

Unfortunately, decisions concerning the need for multi-million dollar cleanups have sometimes been based on faulty-conclusions from improper data collection and analysis. Aeolus can help its clients avoid such pitfalls through use of a comprehensive approach to a problem that integrates decision formulation (strategic planning), investigation planning and design, and data evaluation along with an interlaced quality assurance program to monitor success.   Such an approach has been shown to minimize costly decision errors while assuring adequate protection of public health.

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