Risk Communication
Monday, July 16, 2012 at 04:15PM
D Wayne Berman

Keeping stakeholders informed and responding to their needs and concerns on a timely basis can sometimes be the most important task that contributes to a project’s success.  Aeolus has extensive experience in helping government and private clients to get the message out.

Known for our ability to describe complex technical issues in simple terms, Aeolus has assisted many clients in communicating problems, issues, and solutions in the public arena.  We have also prepared white papers on various topics to assist with disseminating public information about risk.  

Especially when communicating information on such complex topics as the control of uncertainty or the interpretation of risk, it is critical to appreciate both the technical details of the relevant issues and the common misconceptions that may hinder understanding by a lay audience.  Aeolus, has formulated special strategies for dispelling common misconceptions while keeping the message focused, which have contributed substantially to the success of numerous public relations campaigns.


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