Exposure Assessment
Thursday, July 19, 2012 at 03:36PM
D Wayne Berman

When conducting exposure assessments, Aeolus carefully matches the quantity and quality of the supporting data to the needs of the procedures that will be used to conduct the assessment.  During planning, this serves to limit and focus the data collection effort.  During data evaluation, this minimizes the chance that an inappropriate procedure is employed, which can increase the chance that an incorrect (and potentially costly) decision is reached.

When necessary to address special exposure pathways or unique site conditions, Aeolus has developed and applied innovative procedures for evaluating chemical fate and transport to better estimate exposure and assess risk. For several of our clients, Aeolus has also developed novel emission and dispersion models (adapted from more traditional models) to evaluate specific exposure pathways unique to particular sites.  

Aeolus has developed a broad variety of tools for exposure assessment that can be matched to the needs of any project.

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