Asbestos Sampling and Analysis
Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 12:24PM
D Wayne Berman

As part of what has become an eighteen-year project, Aeolus pioneered a set of mutually consistent methods for determination of asbestos concentrations in various environmental media that are unique because they provide results that can be used to support exposure and risk assessment.  In contrast, few of the traditional methods for determining asbestos concentrations can be used for this purpose.  

In the case of the Interim Superfund Method (Berman and Kolk 1997) and the streamlined, Modified Elutriator Method (Berman and Kolk 2000), it has been shown in a peer-reviewed study (Berman 2000), that concentrations derived using these methods can be combined with published dust emission and dispersion models to predict activity-specific asbestos exposures with reasonable accuracy that is limited primarily by the quality of the models themselves. 

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