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Asbestos Risk Assessment

Aeolus has developed the complete suite of tools necessary to support quantitative risk assessment for asbestos-related problems.  

In addition to developing a set of mutually consistent methods for determination of asbestos in various environmental media that are unique because they can be used to support quantification of exposures (when such exposures are amenable to measurement), Aeolus has pioneered the adaptation of emission and dispersion models to support prediction of asbestos exposures that can be used when measurement is difficult or expensive.   In contrast, few of the traditional methods employed to analyze samples for the determination of asbestos provide results that can be directly linked to exposure and risk.  

The new risk-assessment protocol for asbestos that was developed by Aeolus was subjected to an EPA-sponsored peer-review consultation in February, 2002 and received favorable reviews.  A revised version of the protocol (developed in response to the comments of the peer-review panel) was developed in 2003 and is undergoing further review by regulators.  Both versions of the protocol and supporting documentation can be viewed or downloaded from this page (along with the report of the peer-review panel).  

Aeolus has been applying the combined suite of tools to conduct quantitative assessments of asbestos-related risks at a variety of sites around the country

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